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Call to explore spanking, cross-dressing, feminization, cock and ball torture, Adult Baby/Diaper Lovers, anal play, FemDom, enemas, slave training, humiliation, role play, taboo fantasies, and more!

Dominant and submissive men welcome!

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When you see a photo on our site or in any other PEP promotional, you are not viewing hired models;
you are viewing people sincerely affiliated with PEP: genuine kinky women with whom you may speak and
meet. PEP: an honest S&M service, geared toward fulfilling the needs of our cherished fetish family.
Please click on our ladies' pictures to learn more about their erotic interests and kinky desires.

Kat" Welcome Miss Kat, PEP’s Guest Mistress!
(505) 255-9255

Available now through the LoveLine, (505) 255-9255! All fantasies explored with Miss Kat, who’s got a particular penchant for pet play—puppies, wag your tails—rape fantasies, and being your Mommy Domme. Miss Kat fucks her submissive boys’ pink holes, wields whips with precision, and busts balls—literally and figuratively. Call NOW!

Twilight Twilight in OR
(575) 770-4575

She’ll hypnotize you and unveil the woman within you. She’ll spank you until you can’t sit down. Looking for mommy, auntie, boss, bitch goddess, or nurse? Lucky you, she loves role play. Twilight entrances and seduces with her round ass, hypnotic voice, and decadent kinky desires.

Learah" Learah in OH
(567) 371-2976

Don’t underestimate this petite and pretty woman’s ability to command you. Mistress Learah loves delving into wild fetishes, and she harbors no judgments! Plus, she switches—for those who can pull the pleading girl out and put her in her place.

Sera" Sera in NM
(505) 217-6110

MILF Sera loves sharing her secrets with Dominant gentlemen, submissive sluts, good neighbor boys, naughty students—and you. She’ll take you under her wing and onto your knees to teach you how to lick her silky pussy—or, perhaps you can get the upper hand and force Sera to open her thighs and service your cock?

Delilah Lady Delilah in HI
(808) 756-5883

Need discipline? Lady Delilah delivers wicked corporal punishment with spanking, whips, and her handmade canes. Crave transformation? She delights in cross dressing boys-cum-girls. Foot slut? Open your mouth for her sexy toes. Pansexual lover of D/s, Lady Delilah loves all fetishes and BDSM.

Erica Erica in FL
(727) 375-7474

Needing to feed her wicked and perverted appetite on a regular basis, Mistress Erica takes great pleasure in mistreating anyone that has been granted the privilege of being in her presence. In-person sessions available with this strict, powerful, 5’11’’ Amazon-bitch Mistress!

Rachel Rachel in PA
(610) 379-4101

Exuberant Mistress Rachel’s a natural redhead, and she can prove it. Delightfully curvaceous, she’s got a penchant for crossdressers who crave girl and pillow talk. Mistress Rachel’s zest and zeal will leave you smiling. Her dominance? It’ll keep you edgy. Eager. Yearning.

Kaye Buckley Kaye Buckley in CA
(415) 379-4886

Experience your deepest erotic self through hypno-domination. Have you the courage to be naked before Kaye, taken down, used hard? Surrender all inhibitions? Sweetly fierce, powerfully seductive, often sadistic, Kaye revels in forced bisexuality, feminization, and other kinky passions. For the hottest alchemy, bow to your Mistress and be humbled.

Charlie Miss Charlie in TX
(915) 229-5701

Cocks and balls? She wants to hurt them. Cuckolds? She’ll mess with your head. Strap-ons? Kneel like a bitch for her pink dick. Plus, Miss Charlie switches and takes more than you can—from spanking to orgasm denial, she’s a seasoned bottom who will test your dominance!

Winter" Winter in NM
(575) 571-2973

Get trained—from teaching you to worship her orally to prepping your hole for anal delights, Lady Winter lavishes her boys with instruction, humiliation, and praise. Gorean role play, foot worship, flogging, and pet play are among this sensual, switchable vamp’s many areas of kinky expertise.

Cassie in NM
(505) 289-0227

Her laugh will keep you on edge. Her curves will keep your cock pulsing. Her penchant for using men as her personal play toys? Pure heaven for you and your dirty mind. And trust: Cassie’s mind is far more depraved than her shimmering smile and good girl looks intimate.

Sky Mistress Sky in NM
(505) 552-2SKY(2759)

Under the spell of Sky's voice, your cock becomes Her cock, and your hand simulates Hers as you act out commands, always to please your Mistress. Become Sky's personal dildo, sissy slut, devoted slave ... With Sky, there's no limit to what you can explore.

Ms. Knotty Perv Libby in NC
(215) 904-0150

Naughty Libby can’t get enough—a pansexual switch, she loves everybody—straight, gay, bi, trans, CD, and more! Whether you want to play hard, engage in emotionally resonant conversation, or explore without limits, Libby is your girl!

Mia Sparks Mia Sparks in NM
(505) 373-7994

Girl next door Mia will dress you in pantyhose and lipstick, then rip your stockings and fuck all your holes mercilessly. She gives everything with as much verve as she takes it—and former truck driver Mia Sparks can take, and take … can you?

Sheila Sheila in FL
(813) 388-6681

With a Master’s in Education, former English teacher Mistress Sheila will ensure you learn every lesson—while you’re naked, that is, and she’s dressed head to toe in immaculate fetish gear. Kidnapping, Mistress/slave dynamics, and S&M as sophisticated sexual exchange captivates Sheila’s wise and learned erotic mind.

Madeline Madeline in NM
(505) 907-2312

Fiery Madeline has TROUBLE on speed dial! Eager, willing, voracious perverts tickle Madeline pink. CBT, Mommy fantasies, AB/DL, sissification, body worship? Yes, please, and more! Call Madeline and discover how much fun TROUBLE can be!

Vanesa Vanesa in OR
(541) 440-6696

Sensual red-haired Mistress Vanesa takes great pleasure in tantalizing you with agonizing tease and denial torture, strap-on punishment, complete milkings, and golden showers. Ownership of you? Should she deem you worthy, owning you gives her the deepest pleasure of all!

Angelique Angelique in PA
(484) 751-5944

A natural fister who’s enthralled by all forms of penetration and nasty holes, Angelique loves sissies, big babies, and corporal punishment, plus she’s a connoisseur of verbal degradation. Experienced Domina, expert Hypnotherapist, and Vampress, she’ll nibble on your needs and sink her teeth into your fantasies.

Elaina On Vacation
Elaina in FL
(505) 385-6188

Mommy. Sadomasochist. Nymphomaniac. Elaina’s all that and then some. Got obscene fantasies? Wanna play hard—and then fuck? Elaina’s your tender maternal figure, MILF, bitch, Mistress—and your favorite cock tease.

Lisa On Sabbatical
Returning mid-April
Lisa in NM
(575) 461-8607

Deep throating, anal stretching, spanking, nipple torture, bondage, and dressing up all make Lisa cum in non-stop multiple orgasms that soak the bed. Does the thought of a well-fucked ass (yours, hers, both?) leave you breathless? Call Lisa and explore all of your kinks!



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P.S. Many of our phone counselors offer in-person BDSM/fetish sessions. Please inquire.

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Talk to the Top!
Why talk with Nancy Ava Miller, founder of PEP? Nancy says in the 27 years she’s lead PEP, the clients/friends who call have brought her comfort, solace, entertainment, and love. Let Nancy bring the same to you. Enemas! Assholes! Pussy-power! Erotic hypnosis! Counseling and camaraderie!
Reach out to Nancy today!

(505) 281-6262

Stop Smoking Now: Dominatrix Tells You How

(Rates much higher with Nancy, but ask Nancy about her rare FREE CALL offer available now!)
Hypno-Erotica and More 
For life on an unpredictable planet …

(505) 281-6262
Embrace the dignity of risk

For what is life but mind and memory, some ephemera of time, the quest for peace, the pursuit of love?
Make your moments on Earth matter. Arouse the Inner You—your true “Self.” The Yester-You and Future-You! 
Please call Nancy, Lynne, or Twilight, for hypnotherapy by phone or in-person, including:
—Relaxation and meditative techniques
—Sexual exploration  
—Access to infinite energy, creative intelligence, pure consciousness, and LOVE
—Release from: fear, sorrow, worry, guilt, grief, obsession, compulsion, addiction, procrastination, financial woes, the cycle of obesity, and pain—physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual pain

Amazing! Hypnotica—Resolve the past! Heal your Heart! Discard blame, victimhood, self-imposed limitations! 
Know forgiveness! Recollect and experience the joy and aliveness of youth!

Nancy Ava Miller
Nancy Ava Miller
(505) 281-6262
Twilight in NM
(575) 770-4575
Kaye Buckley
Kaye Buckley in CA
(415) 379-4886
Sky in NM
(505) 552-2SKY(2759)
AngeliqueAngelique in PA
(215) 462-5506
Nancy's Award-Nominated Memoir PEP Founder/Owner

An S&M message with love from Nancy Ava Miller

In 1986, driven by my own desires, desperation, loneliness, & sexual obsession, I created PEP—People Exchanging Power S&M support network. The PEP phenomenon—fueled by my vision & efforts, plus the efforts of others—spread from Albuquerque (my home) to Washington, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Atlanta, St. Louis, and elsewhere throughout the U.S. My purpose then and now: To help those with the same longings and obsessions that led me to create PEP in the first place. Today, though, PEP is more than a chain of support groups. The groups still exist, of course, but if you need to talk, the PEP phone counselors (articulate & enlightened ladies) are available any hour for erudite dialogue—passionate & compassionate, kinky & raunchy, informed & unique! 
Also, for free literature, or just to say "hi," please call me at home (505) 281-6262, any  hour.

Love to all, Nancy Ava Miller

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PEP—People Exchanging Power— 28 years of helping... 28 years of love...
Please call us any hour. (505) 281-6262    (505) 255-9255
Love—Nancy, Sera, Madeline and Cassie